Hooray Hooray!


DAY 292 🙌 we’re almost at one year post transplant. Noah’s levels are normal but his liver enzymes are elevated. The doctor is slowly winging him off the medication. He should return to school in the next month on a modified schedule. He can’t wait to go back. He feels good and is looking well. 
The Rady’s Children Hospital Hematology Oncology out patient Clinic is needing prizes for the kids and teen box. The kids really look forward to getting prizes after chemo, Transfusions, blood draws, ect. Noah would like to start a prize toy drive for the clinic to help put smiles on the kids faces. 😊 I’ve attached pictures of ideas for the prizes. Anything is much appreciated. Thank you ☺️ 


Please help support HOPE 4 NOAH by purchasing a charm bracelet to show your support, visit his Fundraiser Page…

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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