Day +62 Stronger Everyday

Noah has weekly Hospital Clinic Doctor’s appointments. Several blood test are done every week to check his blood levels and viruses. 
The CMV virus Noah had is undetected, however it still remains as a doormat in his body. He is taking additional medication to control the virus. 
His blood levels and ANC are increasing since his CMV virus has been undetected. 

Everyday he takes 25 pills to protect himself from getting sick. Once a day we flush his Hickman Catheter. A nurse comes to our home once a week to change his Hickman dressing and line caps. 
He’s feeling well and getting more energy everyday. He still cannot be in public or big crowds. He continues to be homebound so his cells can grow. 
He’s currently doing hospital homeschool extended year program for the summer, to catch up on his 7th grade year he missed. 
He’s looking forward to DAY +100 to complete another milestone in his journey.

Noah’s is fighting strong. Please help support HOPE 4 NOAH by purchasing a charm bracelet to show your support, visit his Fundraiser Page…

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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