Day +50 Growth In Numbers

Noah had a bone marrow biopsy on May 24,2019. A bone marrow biopsy is a procedure that obtains a sample of bone marrow tissue to evaluate the different types of blood cells, as well as the structure of the bone marrow. The test revealed that his cells are greater then 95% donor (Lucas’ cells). He has greater then 10%-50% of bone marrow cellularity. That means certain parts of his bone marrow has 10% -50% throughout the marrow. Bone marrow takes time to grow and it shows his seeds (Lucas’s cells) are growing. When Noah had his first biopsy in February, it showed he had less then 5% of his bone marrow. If your body doesn’t have bone marrow, you can’t produce blood. 

Since February Noah has had 22 platelets and 15 blood transfusions. He’s had a total of 37 blood transfusions. He hasn’t had a transfusion since May 5, 2019. 🙌 

Blood donations are so important and you can save someone’s life. Please donate when you can. 😊
Noah was admitted into the hospital on Thursday, May 30,2019 for a CMV virus. He was still feeling well and continues to receive IV medication to fight the virus. 

Noah had to drink lots of water so they don’t connect him to IV fluids. He is challenging his nurses to a water chugging contest. Noah can’t be beat and is carrying the championship title.
His virus levels were slowly raising but the doctors felt he could continue the IV treatments at home, since he is was feeling well. 
He was released from the hospital on Wednesday, June 5,2019. Noah was extremely happy to come home. A home care nurse came to our home to showed us how to give him the IV medication. Ryan and I give Noah his IV medication twice a day and flush his Hickman catheter. 
We continue to have a home care nurse come to our home once a week to show us how to change his catheter tubing and bandage. 
Friday, June 7,2019 he had a doctor’s appointment. His CMV virus levels dropped but he still has the virus. We will continue to give him IV medication at home. Noah’s ANC has dropped, due to the IV medication. He is more acceptable to infections with his ANC low. 
Were hoping for better news at his next doctor’s appointment, next week.

Noah’s is fighting strong. Please help support HOPE 4 NOAH by purchasing a charm bracelet to show your support, visit his Fundraiser Page…

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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