Day -4 Fever, Chills & Nausea

Noah had a very tough day, He received 3 different types of chemo, fludarabine, ATG and cytoxan. He had some side-effects which were chills, nausea, and a fever. He received steroids, benadryl and Zofran to counter these effects. His fever broke this evening. He’s been sleeping for most of the day. 
Lucas took his second G-CSF shot given by Daddy. One more to go and the nurse gets to do the last one on Monday.

Daily Agenda

Blood Labs

White blood cells (WBC) – 0.8

Hemoglobin (HBG) – 9.7

Platelets (PLT) – 70

Absolute neutrophils counts (ANC) – 240

To donate to HOPE 4 NOAH in his honor, visit his Campaign Page

With love and gratitude,

Nicole (mommy)


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