Day +36 His Fight Is Not Over

Yesterday we received a call from the hospital that Noah’s CMV virus levels had increased and he needed to be admitted this morning for treatment. This was disappointing news that a parent doesn’t want to hear or to tell their child. Noah has been showing progress and now we’re taking a step back. When we told Noah that he needed to go back to the hospital for treatment, he was mad and upset. Noah started packing and was sad to leave his home, and siblings. 

The CMV virus was detected early by weekly blood test. Noah is not in any pain or has any symptoms. He looks good and is still feeling well. 
We arrived at the hospital this morning and Noah was immediately greeted by the nurses and doctors. They were all happy to see him and quickly prepared him to play bingo (his favorite hospital pastime game). He won a prize to play with Lucas, when he returns home. 
The CMV virus treatment is done by IV twice a day, for seven days. He doesn’t need to be connected to the IV for anything else, unless fluids or transfusion are needed. He was extremely happy about that. 
He’s back in the Hematology Oncology transplant area. This place is our home away from home. We have amazing nurses and doctors and we couldn’t ask for anything else. Except for Noah to be healthy and quickly recover.


Most infections right after a transplant come from the bacteria, viruses, and other germs that normally live in your body. When your immune system is strong, they do not make you sick. But, they can when your immune system is weak. 
We’re still waiting for the results from the bone marrow biopsy. 
Please share your bracelets pictures, (#noahstrong) so we can show Noah his strong support for all our friends and family.

Noah’s is fighting strong. Please help support HOPE 4 NOAH by purchasing a charm bracelet to show your support, visit his Fundraiser Page…

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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