Day +21 Hey Hey Hey Good Bye

Victory Bell 🔔 was rang today. (Video at end of post) Several steps needed to be completed before his release. Noah has 15 different types of medication and medical supplies.

 There was Lots of training and preparation that needed to be done prior to his release. Noah was released late this afternoon. It was an emotional but inspirational walk to the bell.

During the walk, Noah was greeted with a song by several of his nurses and doctors. He completed an amazing  accomplishment. It was hard to hold back tears of joy. After 6 1/2 weeks, Noah was extremely happy to leave. 

He will continue his Hematology Oncology Clinic visits twice a week for blood levels and possible transfusions. He will have another bone marrow biopsy in a couple of weeks to see if the marrow is growing. 
He still has a long way to recovery for a normal healthy life. He’s motivated and determined to fight to the end. 
Noah still has a low immune system and still cannot have visitors. He would love to see everyone but we have to isolate him until his immune system is ready. He cannot be in public except for clinic Hospital visits. We thank everyone for your love and support.



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If you would like to support HOPE 4 NOAH with a charm bracelet, visit his Fundraiser Page…

Blood Labs

White blood cells (WBC) 1.1
Hemoglobin (HGB) 9.4
Platelets (PLT) 70
Absolute neutrophils count (ANC) 660

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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