Day +17 One Day At A Time

Today Noah’s levels dropped. It is common for his levels to fluctuate. Unfortunately the levels dropping for us is terrifying but it’s part of the process. It’s going to be a marathon step by step, not a sprint.  We’re still waiting for engraftment. We’re bummed he won’t be released on Monday. We’re hoping for his levels to rise in the next couple of days. There is still hope he can come home next week.

Noah’s in good spirits and excited this process is almost done. His hair is almost gone 😢. He played monopoly with his nurse and always shares his popcorn. I think the nurses are going to miss the popcorn smell in the hallways that leads to his room. He’s know as the popcorn kid. 

They have transferred all his medication in pill forms. He will have to take 10 pills in the morning and 10 pills at night. The pills will prevent him from getting sick and help increase his cell growth. 

We had to attend classes on how to flush and change tubing and dressings on his hickman central line. Dad and Mom will be his new nurses when he comes home.

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Blood Labs

White blood cells (WBC) .9
Hemoglobin (HGB) 9.3
Platelets (PLT) 48
Absolute neutrophils count (ANC) 360

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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