Day +15 Hope, Faith, Love


One step forward, two steps back. Today Noah’s ANC dropped to 352. It is common for your ANC to fluctuate, so technically Noah hasn’t started engraftment. On the positive side, his WBC increased. His body is holding the platelets and RBC, which means he’s producing blood on his own. He’s doing amazing and the doctors are impress with Noah’s progress. They fell he will start engraftment very soon. 

They removed one of the IV pump machines from Noah’s IV pole. It’s a lot easier for him to push around. His hair continues to fall out but overall he is feeling a lot better. He’s eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. His appetite is back to normal. 😋 He completed school, daily task and played bingo. He won Lucas a prize in bingo, hoping to see him soon. He’s missing his room, bed, siblings, home cooked meals and just being home. 

White blood count (WBC) normal range is between 5,000 – 10,000. WBC less then 1,000 increases the risk of infection. Hemoglobins / red blood cells (HGB) normal range is between 13.5 – 17.5. Platelets (PIT) normal count is between 150 – 400. The absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is the total number of neutrophils in your body to fight a bacterial or fungal infection. A normal ANC is greater than 1,500. We’re hoping for all of Noah’s levels to be in the normal range soon. 

Noah received cards and postcard from different states. Thank you Tracy Maletti for your cool idea to have your Flight Attendant coworkers send Noah postcards. He loves seeing the different states and receiving mail. 

For those who got bracelets, thank you. Can you post pictures of you wearing them, to show Noah how much we all support his journey. 😁

If you would like to support HOPE 4 NOAH with a charm bracelet, visit his Fundraiser Page…

Blood Labs

White blood cells (WBC) 1.1
Hemoglobin (HGB) 9.5
Platelets (PLT) 40
Absolute neutrophils count (ANC) 352

With love and gratitude,
Nicole (mommy)

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