Day -1 Gift Of Blood

Noah was alert and talkative but still feeling nausea and tired. He had a platelet transfusion early this morning. 
Lucas had the apheresis procedure done to collect his stem cells. They collected 250 million cells. Noah needs 5 million. Lucas will have another collection procedure tomorrow. Lucas had a blood transfusion during the procedure to coat the machine. He was given another G-CSF shot by his nurse to increase his cells for tomorrow’s procedure. Lucas is feeling fine and milking the situation. Noah and Lucas got to see each other and talk on the walkie talkies.

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Blood Labs – Noah

White blood cells (WBC) – 0.1

Hemoglobin (HBG) – 9.4

Platelets (PLT) – 12

Absolute neutrophils counts (ANC) – 0

To donate to HOPE 4 NOAH in his honor, visit his Campaign Page

With love and gratitude,

Nicole (mommy)


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  1. I am a friend of Celia Bello does Noah need blood donation. Im a blood donor am O positive. Please let me know praying for Noah and his family.

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