Day +1 Bitter Sweet

Lucas got his line removed and is wanting to run down the hallways. He requested a late checkout and was not in a hurry to leave. He was able to stay and play bingo with Noah, on the walkie talkies. 
Noah had a platelet transfusion early this morning. He was nauseous when he woke up. His legs were hurting and he had trouble walking. He received the 2nd half of Lucas’ stem cells. Lucas was still disappointed that Noah’s body didn’t light up, when he received his cells. Now we wait and watch the stem cells grow in Noah’s body. It will take several weeks before the cells return to normal. He will have several blood tests and other tests to monitor his condition. He will need medicine to manage complications, such as nausea, diarrhea and fevers. He still has no immune system and is at high risk for infection. He will continue to get blood transfusions when needed. 
Lucas cried and was sad to leave his brother. He wanted to stay in the hospital with him. He was released late afternoon and met his sister, Aryana in the lobby

Blood Labs

White blood cells (WBC) 0.1
Hemoglobin (HGB) 8.6
Platelets (PLT) 28
Absolute neutrophils count (ANC) 0

To donate to HOPE 4 NOAH in his honor, visit his Campaign Page

With love and gratitude,

Nicole (mommy) 

3 thoughts on “Day +1 Bitter Sweet”

  1. Ryan & Nicole.. My close friends Carol & Rob Stetz just made a blood Donation in Noah’s honor! Your Sons have been so Brave & Amazing through this whole entire journey. I will continue to Pray that our Dad & Sis and our Lord will continue to watch over them and you’s and restore Noah back to health. Love..Aunt Celia “Squeelya”

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