Day 0 Blood Brothers Forever

Lucas had a 2nd day of the apheresis producer, to collect additional stem cells. They collected 250 million. 🙌 They were able to fulfill the 500 million they needed for Noah. Lucas is feeling fine and said, “when I get these tubes out of my chest, I’m going to run down this hallway.” 
Noah is still feeling nausea and tired. His legs were hurting and had trouble walking. Lucas went into Noah’s room to see him receive his stem cells. Noah received the first part of the stem cells from Lucas, through his IV. Lucas was waiting for Noah’s body to light up but it didn’t happen. Noah will receive the 2nd half of the Lucas stem cells tomorrow. 
Today we celebrate Noah’s start of his new healthy life and his new birthday. 

Tomorrow Lucas will have his apheresis line removed and will be release from the hospital. Lucas is really wanting to stay in the Hospital to play bingo tomorrow and he’s not in a hurry to be release.

Blood Labs – Noah

White blood cells (WBC) – 0.1

Hemoglobin (HBG) – 9.1

Platelets (PLT) – 34

Absolute neutrophils counts (ANC) – 10

To donate to HOPE 4 NOAH in his honor, visit his Campaign Page

With love and gratitude,

Nicole (mommy)


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