Countdown To Transplant Starts Tomorrow

This morning Noah had surgery to place a Hickman Catheter and remove his Picc in his arm. He is tired and sore. He is recovering well and has moved rooms on the Hematology Oncology floor to the transplant section. He’s scared but excited to feel better.

What to expect this week…

Tomorrow starts Day -6 countdown to Day 0 preparing his body to receive transplant. The next 6 days Noah will begin his chemotherapy treatment. These next few weeks will be extremely tough on Noah as his body reacts to the treatment. 

Todays Agenda

Blood Labs 

To donate to HOPE 4 NOAH in his honor, visit his Campaign Page

With love and gratitude,

Nicole (mommy) 

8 thoughts on “Countdown To Transplant Starts Tomorrow”

  1. Praying for Noah and the entire family. Praying for Noah to get thru this quickly and be running and playing with the other kids.

    1. Awh. Thank you so much. He can’t wait to get better so he can play with all his river friends. We miss you all, and will see you all soon once Noah up to it…

  2. Oh Noah praying for a speedy recovery and fast healing. It will soon be over. We will be at the river soon buddy!!

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